Compiling TGUI.Net

Just open the TGUI.Net.sln file from the build directory with Visual Studio and compile it.
The tguinet.dll file will be created in the lib folder.

When opening the project, you will most likely get a message that the project has to be upgraded. Just click ‘Ok’ to do so. You will get a report that there were some warnings, but I haven’t seen any problems so far so they can be ignored.

Visual Studio - Upgrade Project

Using TGUI.Net

We will start by creating an empty project.

Visual Studio - Create empty project

Add tguinet.dll to the references, together with your sfml libraries.

Visual Studio - Edit references Visual Studio - Editing references

Don’t forget to copy the CSFML dlls (included in the extlib folder) next to your executable!

Now you should be able to run code that uses TGUI.

Example code Running example code