TGUI.Net is a .Net binding for the TGUI library, an easy to use cross-platform GUI library for SFML.

The library targets .NET Standard 2.0 has been tested on Windows, Linux and macOS.

TGUI.Net comes bundled with a recent version of SFML.Net. You can use your own SFML libraries when rebuilding TGUI.Net yourself, but it is recommended to simply use the version that ships with TGUI.Net.

This binding is no longber being actively developed. There are currently no plans to update it to TGUI 0.9

Download TGUI.Net 0.8

win-x64 NuGet package (TGUI.Net + SFML.Net ready to use)

win-x64 libs (Latest dlls from CI)

Source code (Source code + scripts to build x64 libs for Windows/Linux/macOS)